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Space Invaders

Making its debut in 2011 at the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, the hugely popular Keyframes by the French art collective Groupe Laps will arrive just on time by boat from a performance at the African Games in Brazzaville, Congo. A 13-man crew from France will arrive to install 170 illuminated plastic puppets on the facades along the Zorlu Center plaza. The animated figures have invaded cities from Africa to Australia, animating the public space simply through light turning and of, creating a kinetic study of the weightless daredevil dance of parkour. Working with the principles of chronosphotography –a popular pastime in the early days of photography– jumping frames suggest an action and the gaps are filled in by the imagination, bringing the immobile to life.

Thomas Veyssière

Born in 1971, he studied cinema at the university Paris 8. He joined other young directors and technicians to found Bakalao then La Huitième Compagnie, collectives joining together technical and artistic know-how.
General-purpose technician, he surfed between cinema, show and visual arts. He worked out projects in concerts shows where lights, projections and scenographies are mixed together (la dictature du vent, ceux qui marchent debout). In close cooperation with manufacturers, he worked to create his own lighting of stage.
In 1994, he met the street show (Compagnie de la Dernière Minute, Compagnie KMK) and the projection of giant images (Sté Contre Jour).
He explored public space through his projects, mixing monumental artifices, lights, installations and urban machinery. Light Manager for the contemporary dance (Ballet PRELJOCAJ), he refined his knowledge of the light. To alter routine and materials, and to surprise by shifting the conventional techniques.
Within Groupe LAPS, he developed his projects of design light, lights installations in public space and light creation of shows.

Thomas Veyssiere

Conception crew
Pierre Froment, pipe line conceptor
Erwan Quintin, sound designer
Richard le Bihan, 3D artist / Keyframing Senior
Olivier Fermier, Construction
Emmanuel Céalis, Construction

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