Christophe Martine


Le Bal des Luminéoles

“Les Luminéoles” are helium light kites that will fly up to 30-40 meters high along the wind corridor at Zorlu Center. With lightness and elegance, an aerial ballet unfolds majestically. Originally conceived for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, December 2012, the kites have since flown high at Light Festival in Jérusalem, June 2013, the Glow Festival Eindhoven, November 2013 – Lumina, Cascais, Portugal in September, 2014 and the Filux in Mexico May, 2015.

For the Zorlu Center Light Festival in Istanbul, November 2015, the project “Le Bal des Luminéoles, poésie céleste” will bring a more dreamlike dimension. On the ground, bright illuminated flowers, from which the Luminéole’s, poetic dreams, get their energy. Then, full of light, they will go up to the sky in a light and beautiful ballet to express their illuminated and coloured dresses. A team of men and women, driving this fantasy, will be based on the ground to give life to this magical show.

Porté par le Vent is a French company that creates poetic aerial art installations using the elemental forces of wind and light.

Our intention is to bring poetic and magical moments to the spectator using their imagination.
We are transforming public space, leading the spectator into a wonderful atmosphere.
Our artworks take place between ground, water, hanging from trees and the air.
Joined with live music or characters of light, the show takes shape, revealing their amazing world.