Lara Kamhi


Cave XI

Rendering down the barcode of the visible and letting recorded imagery dissolve into its luminous essence, Cave XIinvestigates the deceptive yet seductive nature of today’s immersive digital world. Privately exposing an intimate exteriority, the work explores a continuum in which the physical is being replaced by its reflection and compressed inside image spaces or light chambers; As the digital is being challenged to survive organic forms, information continuously dissolves into a flux of colour, form and light.

Transgressing the borders between fields of photography, video, sound, light art and site-specific installation, Lara Kamhi creates and captures immersive image spaces, soundscapes and narratives in which she explores and investigates the confusing conflict between appearance and truth. Kamhi has exhibited her work in galleries, museums and public spaces, nationally and internationally. Aside from pursuing her creative practice in Istanbul, she is the co-founder and co-director of PRIZMASPACE, an independent art initiative focusing on site-specific, immersive and cinematic experiences.