Light House

A giant Lighthouse will glow as a beacon of light during the Istanbul Light Festival. The little wooden house at the top

Depending the lighting scenarios, it can be either a small wooden house up in the sky, where everybody can imagine their own story of what strange inhabitant could live up there… It also become a real Lighthouse, so the structure standing above the water is like a guide to the lots of boats that navigate every night on the river.
Lighthouse’s structure is made of a big standing up container which also refers to the trading exchanges and expertise of the Dutch nation.

PITAYA is a creative studio founded by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud. After a technical training cursus, respectively in metalworking and woodworking, the duo met during their industrial design’s study. They quickly abandon the rigid side of their initial training for a more artistic vision, and specialized in the light field.
In 2006, The studio from Lyon participated at his first event and creates thirty light chandeliers that have been installed in the public space during the Festival of Lights in Lyon.
Therefore, PITAYA has created new light projects and exhibit them in these new urban festivals, like if it was big open air galleries. Year after year, while it participates to these artistic events, the studio has gained visibility and experience.