Sunset Bloom
The Astera is a distant cousin of the thistle we find in the countryside.This wild flower has gotten adapted to the urban environment and can now easily reach ten meters high. Scheming silvery plant with bright reflections during the day, it changes to a mesmerizing creature at night, spreading from its heart colored beams that cover with light its bristling structure.
Flower of the night with a singular photosynthesis, the Astera blooms with the sunset and reveals the beauty of its shiny and infinite colors.

Created by François Fouilhé and Jean-Baptiste Laude in 2001- both lighting technicians – TILT is a collective that aims at giving light a full artistic magnitude. Light is often used to illuminate pieces of art, humbly enhancing their beauty, but it is rarely in the spotlight itself, hence the desire of TILT to invite people to look at it from a new perspective. Inexhaustible source of inspiration, light offers a multitude of artistic possibilities arousing the imagination of TILT and guiding them to create luminous structures that subtly associate dreamlike atmospheres and industrial artifacts, recycled materials and high technicality, energy management and technical feats.

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