Studio Vollaers Zwart

The Netherlands

Tunnel of Love

Using thousands of fluorescent heart-shaped stickers, a dazzling visual spectacle is fashioned onto the ceiling, walls and floor of the tunnel. Black lights replace existing lights, making the fluorescent stickers glow and float on their background. With Tunnel of Love Studio Vollaers Zwart drowns us in a sugar-sweet fantasy world. Nobody can escape the love virus, which when witnessed gets slowly spread throughout the city…

Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart started Studio Vollaers Zwart in 1991 as a design studio for interdisciplinary design and visual communication. Studio VZ explores the interaction between various disciplines such as architecture, sculpture, couture, culture and communication. Public space is the platform for their design activities, which focus on the interactions between architecture, audience, functionality and experience of public space. Studio VZ has realized various projects in the fields of arts and design. It is at the intersection of these disciplines that the ideal situation is created for new visual scenarios to be developed. In the last 20 years Studio VZ have become established as designers for exhibitions and festivals with their haute sculpture approach to city dressing, exhibition design, public artworks, eye catchers and scenery.